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  • Everyone Has A Favorite Story.


    And a Favorite Meal.


    I Believe Those Two Things Belong Together.


  • It All Starts At The Table.

    Hi, I'm Andrea!

    Or "Mama" to my family. We live in a small town in the Central Valley of California, on a growing and changing Urban Homestead. Our goal is to create a community hub, where our neighbors can benefit from anything we grow. We're basically growing taco ingredients, but there's a little bit of everything going on out there.

    We are a multi-cultural family, blending the beauty of Mexican culture into much of what we do. The sights, sounds and flavors of our home are all sprinkled with the love, joy and beauty of the rich culture my husband's family brought to this great nation. We are equally appreciative of my family's history and heritage, which is most commonly represented and celebrated in the legacy of the cooks before me. So many treasured recipes have been passed down through the generations, along with what we call the gift of "Cooking by the Spirit."


    In short, we are part tacos, part biscuits and gravy and wouldn't have it any other way.


    Our hope is to build a bridge from one table to the next, sharing stories along the way.


    Join me over on Instagram for various Suppers and Stories or check out the blog for new recipes! Click HERE if you'd like to work together in person!


    Buen Provecho!



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