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Abuelita Hot Chocolate!

A Cool Weather Tradition

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Friends, I'm wearing pants.

I wore fuzzy socks to bed last night.

I'm drinking my coffee hot in the mornings.


Know what that means?? Summer is on its way OUT! I say "on it's way" because, well, Fresno. Supposed to be 95* again soon...but I don't even care. Know why? Because hope is on the horizon. We're not all going to die of heat exposure after all.

We broke records this year for the most consecutive "over 100 degree days". I'm over it, gang. Super over it. And SO ready to celebrate the fact the the signs of fall have begun.

As soon as I can say "Oh, I'm chilly" in the evenings, we bust out our cool weather traditions. We usually pop in "Grumpy Old Men", cuddle on the couch and have the first hot cup of Abuelita of the season. It's a glorious moment, one I wait all summer to enjoy.

For those that don't know, Abuelita is a brand of Mexican hot chocolate. In my opinion, it's the *only* brand. I'm 100% loyal to Abuelita. And it's not just the adorable face of iconic Mexican actress Sara García, (although she was amazing. Wiki her, folks), it's just superior in my opinion.

This sugar and cinnamon spiked chocolate is simmered in warm milk with cinnamon stick, Mexican vanilla & a little piloncillo before being frothed up beautifully with a "molinillo". A molinillo is essentially a frother, rubbed back and forth between your hands. Legend says young women used to have to prove their worth to their future Mother-in-Law's based on the froth they could create. I don't know if that's true but I sure love the story.

This age-old process makes for the most perfectly comforting cup of love you've ever experienced. It's nothing like the hot chocolate you're used to (which is also delicious I'm sure)'s just it's own bird.

While it may not be easily accessible everywhere, I encourage you to order it online below if you can't find it. It's worth it, I promise.

And while a little battery operated frother will do, there's honestly something so special about frothing chocolate the old fashioned way. It brings me such joy. I realize its another hard-to-find item but this one here is amazing. You want a mobile ring on your molinillo. Some don't have them because they have to be hand carved to feature the ring. In other words, when you order a "real" molinillo, someone made it by hand. They carved the ring into the wood. It's not attached later. Pretty amazing right? I like this one:

Now, I'm going to give you directions using a saucepan, but if you want the full experience, you'll need a "chocolatera", or a pot specifically made for hot chocolate making. It's fantastic because you can froth the entire pot at once in a way that allows the molinillo to be completely submerged, resulting in superior froth and minimal sloshing. ;)

Once you've got your tools, it's time to enjoy your chocolate. Let's get to work!

Chocolate Abuelita

(Serves 4)


5 cups whole milk (Or whatever you like. Non-dairy works too!)

1 ceylon cinnamon stick

1 tsp Mexican vanilla (You know Molina is my bff)

1 disk Abuelita chocolate

Piloncillo or brown sugar to taste


Bring the milk, vanilla and cinnamon stick to a simmer over medium-low heat, whisking consistently to prevent boiling over or scorching.

Once the milk is hot and simmering, drop the heat to low and add the entire disk of chocolate. You can chop or grate it to speed up the melting/dissolving process but it happens pretty quickly if you add it whole. Continue whisking constantly.

Once the chocolate is completely dissolved, (you may see flecks of chocolate...that's ok), give it a taste. If you think it needs sugar, either grate in some piloncillo (the cone shaped raw can sugar pictured above) to taste or add a little brown sugar until you're happy with it's sweetness.

You have two options from here. You can divide into four mugs that are large enough to leave a little room, insert the molinillo into each mug and froth each serving individually (guaranteeing everyone gets a decent amount), OR...

Put the molinillo into the saucepan, and rub the handle back and forth between your hands until an adequate froth occurs.

Serve immediately, preferably with a fresh piece of pan dulce or a bolillo.

Also delicious mixed with coffee!

If you try this recipe, or any of the recipes found here, please tell me all about it! I love feeling like I'm cooking with you! Please take a picture and tag me over on Instagram @oursupperstories!


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Any purchases you make from Amazon products I suggest go to support our mission, sharing the beauty of cultural unity. I will never suggest anything I don't truly love and use myself. <3

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