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Casseroles and Tacos!

It's Podcast Day!

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Katie from Heritage Ways and I have teamed up to bring you all a podcast!

I can't speak for Katie (@heritage.ways) but I have received the "What's your podcast about?" question quite a few times. I am never quite sure how to answer people, so I spent some time yesterday putting words to thoughts. The hardest part about this process for me (so far) hasn't been building the website, creating content or having to learn everything we would need to know with zero prior has been writing our bio. It's explaining our podcast, labeling it's "category" and trying to sum up our mission in 100 words or less. Perhaps this is because Katie and I are on a mission that doesn't necessarily fit a category, sub-category or hashtag. One day we may discuss RV living, another our wardrobe preferences and maybe the following show will be something far more serious the Lord laid on our hearts to talk about. Ultimately, we are two girlfriends, sitting around a table 2,129 miles apart from each other, talking about what girl friends do. Sometimes it's shoes, sometimes it's something that grieves us. We are just excited to have you sit at our table with us, where ever you are. It's a huge table, with room for all. We love you and can't wait to chat with ya! Click below to listen to Episdoe 1!


xoxo - Andrea

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