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Chorizo Con Papas

Our Frugal Favorite

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Chorizo con papas is a staple around here. Sometimes it’s for breakfast, sometimes it’s lunch and as I type this, I’m planning on preparing it for dinner. I’m putting it in the breakfast chapter because that’s perhaps the most traditional use for it, but really, we eat this stuff all.the.time.
If you’ve never prepared Mexican chorizo, it’s a totally different experience from cooking other sausages. It’s much greasier (I drain the grease off when it’s done), its very wet and kind of pasty looking when it cooks and it can be tricky to determine when it’s cooked. I have burned more chorizo than I care to talk about. Lucky for me, it’s also usually under a dollar a tube and I usually have more than one in the fridge. 
Serve this with scrambled eggs, as taco filling, with beans in burritos, on the side of huevos rancheros or all on its own! Heck, I once stuff tamales with it and they were amazing. It’s the cheapest of the breakfast meats and is so incredibly packed with flavor that you may not even need the entire tube for a dish. I sometimes only cook half and save the other half for another meal. Talk about frugal!

Chorizo Con Papas

(Serves 4-6, depending on the size of the humans)

1 tube of Mexican Chorizo (I like El Mexicano brand the best), cooked and drained
6 potatoes, diced into ½ inch cubes
You have two options for Preparation:
1. You can deep fry them until golden and crisp if you like a super crispy potato
2. Prepare the potatoes just as I did in the Kale/Quinoa Potato Hash directions (stopping once they are golden and fork tender, before everything else is added) for a softer end result.
Once the potatoes are cooked to your preference, return to a large skillet, combine the cooked potatoes and cooked chorizo and heat until combined and lightly toasted together. Serve immediately

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