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Estamos Realmente Bendecidos

We Are Truly Blessed.

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November 20, 2018

"Estamos Realmente Bendecidos."

We are truly blessed.

Our life is weird (whatever that even means) right now, yes. We are very aware of that fact.

Nothing makes a whole ton of sense these days and we have no idea what direction we are headed in. Maybe nowhere, maybe everywhere. Maybe somewhere in between.


Right now we are working out savoring our time in limbo. It's an ongoing practice, this stillness. I suck at it and pray regularly for clarity in this transitional season. This part time RV dwelling/part time tiny house life that doesn't fit a label or community. This "turn a bed into a couch in the morning/turn it back into a bed at night", season. This "one day when we find our forever home..." season. This "try not to complain when you've had enough of everyone (and their individual noises and quirks) being right next to you"...season.


We remind each other of our collective blessings. We treasure the time together as much as possible. We turn silly, mundane things into memories whenever possible, pushing away the temptation to wish it was more, bigger or better. We do this, because we need the reminder that we are living abundantly on this little patch of holy ground.


We are blessed.



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