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We Are Celebrating YOU!

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Anyone else singing New Kids On The Block now? No? Just me? Cool.


I know what you're thinking...kinda hard to do in little squares on the internet.

I would have thought so too, but God showed me something pretty awesome a couple of weeks ago!

I was a little down in the dumps, pondering the harsh side of being open on Social Media; The negativity, judgement and hurtful dm's in particular. I'm a thin skinned girl and sometimes it all wears me down!

I was praying, telling God that I thought I was just too sensitive for this and asking Him to show me what to do. He knows the desires of my heart. He knows I'm seeking community.

He then showed me a bunch of us at a block party. Everyone had a dish to bring, a smile on their face and a story to tell. I saw myself calling numbers for a raffle, many of us playing games and laughing & I instantly realized what God was telling me.

He was shifting my perspective. I needed to stop worrying about who I had disappointed, let down, or who I simply wasn't for. It was time to celebrate instead! And so, CELEBRATE we shall! We are expanding on our "Spotlight Giveaway", making it something EVERYONE can participate in, and increasing how it blesses each person in the Our Supper Stories Community!

And SOOOO...Next Friday, March 16th is our first BLOCK PARTY!

Here's how it breaks down:

  • RAFFLE: Contributors to the raffle will have their "Supper Story" featured on the blog, just like last month, but there will be multiple winners instead of one winner taking home everything. Every contributor, recipe feature and anyone who re-shares will promote the giveaway so exposure will still be awesome for folks donating items! All you have to do is email or dm me on IG with a picture of what you're donating and your email address so I can send you interview questions. No need to send me the prize as you will send it directly to the winner. Go check out the "Block Party" tag up above to read samples of other Supper Stories we have done for business owners.
  • BRING A DISH: Are you a home cook, food lover, recipe hoarder and/or blogger? Guess what! You still have a chance to participate (and be featured on the blog) by "bringing a dish" to the block party! All you have to do is email me at with your recipe, a picture (if you have one) and the story behind the dish (super important...its kind of our thing) for us to post on our blog! If you're a blogger, let's make this a "Guest Post" so I can refer other's to your home on the web! I love the idea that you guys get to share recipes with us and our readers...makes me feel like I'm at YOUR table!
  • PUT UP A POSTER (Or just join the fun!) What's a block party without fun and games? We'll be running trivia throughout the day for prizes! We'll also have a costume contest and some dance parties in our stories. We hope you'll be silly with us too! One of the coolest ways you can participate is to "Put Up A Poster", or tell your followers about our party! We want to reach as many people as possible who want to share their stories, whether it be about their business, family, trials or the food on their table. Repost the graphic below (It's on our IG to make screenshotting easy) and tag anyone you think may want to be featured, or just have some fun! Be sure to direct people to our "Highlights" or the link in our profile, which will be this blog post so they can get all the deets. Tag us too because you'll get an extra raffle entry for every item for spreading the word!

We think its going to be a blast and I am so excited by what God has laid on my heart. I think its a super fun way to include everyone and celebrate this little community we love so much. I genuinely think of you as friends and it tickles me to celebrate our little village!

If you are interested in participating on any level, please email us by Wednesday March 14th! We are looking for anyone with a business to promote to donate raffle prizes, (no need to mail them to us, you'll just mail to the winner), recipe contributors, & people to spread the word! Stay up to date via our Instagram & be sure you're subscribed to the blog and website for email updates!

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