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Mexican Street Food Night!

Making Memories with Frugal Favorites

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One of the challenges of living on a single income is making our frugal meal plan interesting. We tend to get stuck on the same dishes, over and over, and it can become so boring!

The other night, I was preparing one of our most common dishes, chorizo con papas. Usually we just eat it in little tacos, sometimes with eggs, sometimes without. Sometimes with beans, sometimes without. In other words, it's never very exciting. ;)

Instead of our usual presentation, I decided to shake things up by adding a side of esquites and serving everything in some very inexpensive (but completely adorable) deli baskets I found at Walmart on clearance. The set came with cute squeezy bottles so the mayo and crema for our esquites bar was even more fun!

To prepare the tacos, I simply made my recipe for chorizo con papas (using El Mexicano chorizo) and fried it up in corn tortillas. If you'd like the recipe, it can be found HERE!

I don't have an esquites recipe of my own because I will never top Pati Jinich's. Her recipe is HERE and you'll be so glad you tried it! I love to use queso fresco, but I know many prefer cotija. Use whatever makes you happy!

By presenting this simple, frugal meal in a new and fun way, our family made some sweet memories celebrating the flavors and excitement of Mexican street food. One day we'll try it for ourselves in Mexico, not just our own kitchen!

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