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Shortcut Chile Verde

Max Flavor, Half the Time!

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It was 105* today. It's going to be 108* by the end of the week. My usual Chile Verde recipe calls for roasting tomatillos, garlic, chiles & onions. There is much heat involved in the process. That.Was.Not.Happening.Today.

Enter this delicious shortcut version!

Instead of roasting all those veggies (and fruits if we want to get technical), I opted for a HUGE bottle of Herdez brand salsa verde. I was using an enormous boneless pork roast from Costco, so the 4.5 pound bottle of salsa only seemed fitting. It cost less than $6.00 which was certainly cheaper than I could have purchased all the ingredients, which was a nice bonus.

With a few additional ingredients (including a few things you wouldn't expect), this dish honestly turned out almost exactly like my from-scratch version. I don't see myself replacing my original recipe every time (I love the process) but in this heat it's a fantastic way to prevent heat stroke in the kitchen. ;)

Let's get started, shall we?

Shortcut Chile Verde


For the Meat:

1 Costco sized pork loin roast (I really don't know how many pounds. The big one. LOL!)

2 Yellow onions, cut in half

2 TBSP Mexican oregano, divided

2 TBSP jarred minced garlic

2 bay leaves

For the Sauce:

1 4.25 pound bottle of Herdez Salsa Verde

2 cups frozen spinach

4 serrano chilies

4-5 sprigs verdolagas (purslane), optional

3 cups broth from cooking the meat

Pinch of ground cloves

Salt & Pepper to taste

Chopped cilantro for garnish (optional)


In either a slow cooker or Instant Pot, combine the pork (I chopped it into 3 large chunks), onions, 1 TBSP of the oregano, garlic and bay leaves. Season liberally with salt and cover with water. If using a crock pot, cook for 6-8 hours, depending on how hot your pot runs. If using an Instant Pot, cook on high pressure for 1 hour, 20 minutes.

When time is up, release pressure (or turn off Crock Pot) and remove meat. Strain the broth and reserve.

In a blender, Combine the Herdez salsa verde, spinach, serranos, verdolagas and onions from the pork. Blend well.

In a large pot, combine the meat (which is now partially shredded), broth, sauce, pinch of cloves, salt and pepper.

Simmer approximately 20 minutes to allow all the flavors to come together completely.

Serve with fresh cilantro, rice and hot corn tortillas. Oh, and an iced coffee with fresh raw goat milk. You know, if your'e into that sort of thing. ;)

Leftover tip: Remaining sauce should be saved, even if there's no meat left! It makes delicious huevos rancheros or enchiladas! Refrigerate or freeze any remaining pork broth as well. It's fantastic as a soup base!

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