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Spicy Breakfast Wraps

(and a note about healthy food relationships!)

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I have said it before, but I'll go ahead and repeat it. I don't believe in food labels. You're not going to catch me saying I'm vegan/vegetarian/low-carb/keto/THM/enter-your-food-label-here.

Now, before you think I'm judging YOU, please know that I have nothing against any of one these (or any) methods of eating. It's just not a good thing for ME (and my years of disordered eating) to assign any label to my food. I prefer to eat according to instinct and intuition and encourage my family to do the same.

I say all of this because I never want my posts, recipes or suggestions to be triggering to anyone. I'm not encouraging or pushing any certain way of eating and instead encourage you to listen to your individual body. I have posted recipes that could fall under all of the labels mentioned above because we have truly eaten them in our home, not because we support any one method of eating over another.

What I do support is eating with joy and peace. I encourage you to savor your food without shame. I want you to nourish your body with vibrant flavors and life-giving ingredients. I hope that you are making memories around your table. This is a guilt free zone.

Today's recipe falls under the low-carb umbrella. My husband has spent years trying to figure out what foods serve his body best after years of chronic illness and gut issues. He thrives with a higher protein/lower carb approach and it is not uncommon for me to make him an entirely different dish than I am eating. My body prefers more fruits and veggies (and fermented dairy...and tacos, duh) so we adjust as needed. He LOVED this dish today!

A local tortilleria just rolled out some amazing wraps for people all over the food spectrum. I'll be trying Golden Sun Wraps out this week in different ways and hope to accommodate as many of you (and your individual dietary needs) as possible in the process!

First up? These delicious Low Carb "Multigrain Impact Wraps", perfect for the hubs.

Now, let me start this recipe by saying I have found the perfect strategy for breakfast wrap construction. LOL! It's a simple equation. Meat of your choice+veggie of your choice+egg+wrap+something creamy+something spicy= Breakfast Wrap Perfection.

Here, let me show you.

I started with two Johnsonville Jalapeno & Cheese Smoked Sausages, sliced. I took a peek in the fridge for veggie options and found bell peppers or kale. Hubs hates kale. Peppers it is. Sliced one red pepper up and sauteed with the sausauges until tender.

Next up? Eggs! I whisked 3 of our hen's eggs together (no water, milk or other additions, trust me!) and added them in, folding them into a delicious scramble like so:

Now, heat up your wrap...

Add your scramble, your something creamy (crema, cheese, avo, cashew cream, you get the idea) and your something spicy. We went for chile pequin salt, avocado and a little leftover avocado & Los Altos brand jocoque-turned-cream sauce from Friday's breakfast tacos. :)

Now I know it's called a wrap, but to my husband, everything is a taco, so he just folded these over. And when I say everything, I mean it. You should see him eat waffles. Talk about eating shamelessly and with joy. ;)

For more info on how to get your hands on these delicious wraps (that even my picky husband said were delicious and "not low-carb tasting", click HERE!

Stay tuned for more wrapped up dishes this week and be sure to join our Instagram community here to stay in the know on what's cooking in our home!

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