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Today is the first day I've blogged since April. Much has happened since then but considering we spent the entire month of May (and part of June) without Wi-Fi, it was hard to keep up on anything in internet land. It's also been a particularly trying couple of months and I think I just lost my desire to write. It's a creative thing for me...not something I can force. Feels good to be back in the saddle.

Here's the latest, greatest, and not so awesome (which ultimately becomes the awesome):

We hauled La Casita up to Shaver Lake for the month of May. Shaver is about an hour from our hometown, so we had the luxury of feeling like we were "away" while still have the convenience of being close to work, family and friends.

We made so many beautiful memories fishing kayaking, boating and enjoying the mountain air. We celebrated Piper's 14th birthday there, as well as the most amazing fish dinner I've ever eaten in my life.

Piper's birthday also happened to be the same day we lost a beloved family friend. We were so incredibly grateful to be close to home that day, so that we could be there for our friends as they grieved the loss of their mother/grandmother.

That same weekend, we found out my husband was going to be taking a mandatory hour cut (translation: wage cut) which would reduce our pay by 25%. We began to pray for God's guidance in handling this financial development. A few days later, we learned that some of our closest friends, who rent a small studio/cottage on their farmette were going to have a vacancy. Their renters were leaving and the little house would be available June 1st, the same day we were set to park at a local RV park for 3 months, where we had made some sweet friends in April. It's a precious little park but the neighborhood is questionable.

We prayed some more, talked to our friends and ultimately decided to park the RV on their little farm, rent the little house and settle in for a while. (We don't know how long a "while" is but we hope to be here for a good long stretch.) We had sold almost everything we owned when we moved into the RV so we literally had nothing to furnish it with, but I felt peace about it. I'd have a real kitchen, a real bathroom, and room for dining room table, "Someday", which is something I'd missed so much. There would be room to set up a corner for Gavin so he could once again have a "real bed", and his own space to boot. The rest of us would keep our bedrooms in the trailer, but have living space in the house during the day and evenings.


I asked God to guide us to a table. "A little couch would be nice too. Just a little one like Amy's red one. And an affordable washing machine. Also, a bed for Gavin would be great. Maybe a dresser and some sort of buffet for storage one day?" I felt almost guilty asking God for so much, but didn't intend for Him to answer immediately. I just figured it would be easier for me to give Him the list than to fret over how on earth we would obtain so many things.

My sweet friend Amy who'd just lost her mama was in the process of moving when her mom passed and found herself with more furniture than she had room for in her new place. I talked it over with the hubs and we decided to make an offer on her table. When she learned why we needed it, she not only refused to take payment for it, but asked us, "Do you need a couch by chance? It's my red one. Or a washing machine? I also have a twin sized bed, a buffet and a dresser that was my grandmothers if you want it." I was stunned. Literally everything on my list was fulfilled and then some. Right down to the red couch, which I had no idea she was letting go of. She even sent us with artwork for our walls. I told her I'd take her grandmother's dresser so she could take it back at some point.

God had provided, which shouldn't be surprising, but His swiftness blew my mind. Within days we were off the mountain, pulled into our friends house and moved into our new little house.

Since June, we've purchased six laying hens, planted a few things in the garden (including the chia pictured up top) and consumed our weight in fresh raw goats milk. Ok, that's an exaggeration but I'm seriously in love with it. We have canned peaches, dried herbs and marveled over the amazing capacity a full size refrigerator has. LOL! We've hung clothes on the line nearly every day, shared meals with our friends (including my precious friend's AMAZING beans she often shares with me) and have and taken hundreds of pictures of our children playing together. It has been the most beautiful example of living in community.

We are so grateful for the amazing people in our lives that have been used by God to bless us in this way. Everything has been right on time and just so darn perfect. I may even go so far as to say that it has made the pay cut worth it. We likely would have gone a different route without the financial twist and would have missed out on these fantastic blessings. Our situation isn't without its woes and worries, but God's faithfulness always shines through.


I always knew our RV journey wasn't the typical #rvlife experience, but wouldn't have ever expected this to be why God called us to it. I've prayed for us to return to a rural life for so many years and God just used some pretty unconventional means to provide it. I had definitely cried out to God so many times in our months "on the road", desperate to understand what He was up to. Today I'm reminded of John 13:7:


Jesus replied, "You do not realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand."


Indeed, Lord, I do.


Through the pain, uncertainty, loss and confusion, You're always there, and right on time.

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