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December 1, 2018

I live a pretty simple life.

Even before we downsized to a tiny life, simplicity was always on my mind.

That said, I have always looked for ways to make the mundane feel special to myself and my family. Elevating the humble, just a little, if you will.

Today I made myself this corn tortilla quesadilla with my favorite oaxacan cheese and some crispy bacon. I smashed it just enough for some cheese to escape the inside and create a crispy "costra de queso" (cheese skirt) effect. I plated it on my [1.99 from Goodwill] board. I served up my Nescafé Mild instant coffee as I always do; splash of half n half, dash of vanilla, little bit of sugar...this time in the form of a cube, because I'm fancy like that.

The mug is vintage (my favorite), "made exclusively" for The Mark Hopkins Hotel, an almost 92 year old luxury hotel which sits at the top of Nob Hill in SF. It's a beautiful place. I wonder what the folks at the Mayer China company in Beaver Falls PA would have thought if they knew this mug created for luxury dining would eventually end up on my hand-me-down table in a little country cottage. Maybe they would have loved the idea as much as I do...I imagine most of them lived simple lives too.
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