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Todos Tenemos Una Historia

We All Have a Story

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I am a bit of a dreamer. Some might say I'm idealistic, others may say irrational.

I'm fueled by the need to create but also painfully immersed in self-doubt and insecurity.

I am driven by compassion and the desire to connect on a personal level. I'm also a closet pessimist and a bit of a hermit.

Long story short? I'm a hot mess. I'm willing to bet you can be too.

I'm also fairly certain there's a reason for all this hotmessedness.

And our beauty.

Our struggle, our triumphs, our visions and our setbacks. Our goals, dreams, fears and quirks.

Why we "hate that song" and why we "can't eat that."

The reason we "have to stand up" for that thing and what motivates us to do that thing now, "before it's too late."

We're all connected. We have so much in common. Most of the time, we don't realize it, and I think that's because we often hesitate when it comes to sharing our stories.

I am a firm believer that our stories unite us. They remind us that we aren't all that different from one another. Sharing our stories is the foundation upon which bridges are built...bridges so desperately need right now as the chasms widen.

This time last year, I was making big plans. Plans to travel the country, sharing a meal with folks and telling their stories.

One year later, I'm 2 miles away from where I started and fresh off the ferry from Depression Town.

Things didn't go as as I hoped. In fact, everything seems to have gone the exact opposite of the way we intended, but that doesn't mean it was for nothing.

I'm starting over. Right where I started. Square 1, Scene 2. It's where you come into the frame.

I want to hear your story, whatever it is.

What is that thing you wish people knew about you? Or better yet...

...maybe its the thing you're afraid they'll find out about...

What have you walked through that unites you to your purpose? Maybe you don't know yet...I wanna hear about that too.

Tell me in your own words, or have a video chat with me and I'll help you tell it. Either way, tell your story. Get it out there, then watch the power of unity in action.

If something within you has been stirred up, please reach out. Comment below if you'd like to chat about this or email me at . You can also reach out to me on Instagram HERE. Let's start building bridges friends!

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