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Diana Silva, "Molé Mama"

Author, Radio Host and Home Chef

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"I want to encourage foodies everywhere to cook at home, use fresh local ingredients, connect and share food and their love. I also want to share my story in hopes that it will help other care givers know that they aren’t alone. Everyday, I repeat Mother’s Teresa’s word, make me a pencil in your hand...I truly want to help spread kindness, love and healing!"

Diana Silva is one of those people you just feel like you've known forever. She is warm, kind, and tenderhearted. We met in such a funny way! She was hosting a recipe contest, I entered, and not knowing that chorizo "is like a separate food group" for her because she loves it so much, I made a twice baked chorizo potato. I was a runner-up and won her book and an apron that still hangs in my kitchen. (Only two aprons of my 12 or so made the cut when we moved into the RV, and hers was one of them!)

Her book came at a time when I was really struggling with grief and loss. As I read the book, I just marveled at how clear it was that God had arranged this! It was such perfect timing and when I reached out to Diana to share my experience with her book I realized that we speak food in a very similar fashion. I sent her my book as well and we both discussed how wonderful it was that unity was such a driving force for both of us. Grief has the ability to unite as well, as evidenced by how her book brought us together.

I know you'll love Diana and I'm just so excited she wanted to participate in this little project. She is doing beautiful work and I hope you'll take a seat with us and settle into her story.

  • Diana! I am so excited to have you around the "Supper Stories" table! I had the awesome opportunity of "sitting" at your "table" when I had the privilege of being on your radio show a couple of weeks ago and I am so excited to "host" you this time. So far this week (around our imaginary table), we have had In-n-Out and some really good Mexican food with my dear pregnant Tennessee friend who was craving the tastes of California, and a delicious vegetarian 3 bean chili with a new friend from Pennsylvania who is just tying to keep warm! So, before we go any further, I gotta know what you are I are sitting down and enjoying as we talk? I know this is an important detail for both of us! HA!

This is a really hard question. There are so many foods that I absolutely love and would want to share with you! But I think you’d love my mama’s spanish rice, carnitas and guacamole! YUM!!

I am SURE I would love that! I'm also dying to try the Peruvian beans you make.

  • I have really enjoyed getting to know you Diana and would love for you to share a little bit about yourself with our readers!

Here is my short bio: I am San Francisco-based home chef, author, video blogger and radio host. My Molé Mama Recipes YouTube channel celebrates family recipes, cooking delicious meals at home and adding love to every recipe. Diving into my Latina roots, I use my magical molcajete, and other tools and techniques that make my food taste like grandma used to make back in Mexico. Along with guest chefs, I explore recipes and traditions from all over the world and the stories that keep them alive.

You know I love everything about that. Mexican meals are so important in our home too. The history of the dishes, techniques & traditions are so important for us to share with our children (and anyone who will listen!)

  • Can you tell me a little more about what products you offer?

My Book, YouTube channel and weekly radio show all promote home cooking with love!

  • How did you get started doing what you’re doing? What drew you to it? Is it something you always wanted to do or did it develop over time?

About 10 years ago I came up with an idea to have a website that celebrated family recipes, after pitching it twice to large companies that I worked for and being rejected, I finally decided that it was time to do it on my own. Family recipes are our treasures and we need to preserve them for future generations to enjoy! I built my website, YouTube channel, and wrote my book in the last couple of years. I have also had my blog posts featured on and given various talks on care giving, grief and book signings.

I am so glad you pressed on! Your book was so helpful to me in a time when we were processing so much grief. Kudos to you for staying the course and blazing your own trail!

  • What motivates you to get up every day and pursue success with our business?

I want to encourage foodies everywhere to cook at home, use fresh local ingredients, connect and share food and their love. I also want to share my story in hopes that it will help other care givers know that they aren’t alone. Everyday, I repeat Mother’s Teresa’s word, make me a pencil in your hand...I truly want to help spread kindness, love and healing!

It really is amazing the impact that can be made from the kitchen. So much love, support and kindness can be shown from the stove! I love that God can write a story in such a beautiful (and flavorful) way.

  • What is your biggest challenge in being a business woman?

Time management. I have a full time day job and a full time side hustle. I always want to accomplish more in one day then I can!

That has been our most common answer in this series! We put so much pressure on ourselves to do it all...and sometimes we just gotta stop and breathe!

  • What is your biggest victory so far?

The amazing people I’ve met! Receiving pictures of my mama’s recipes in my readers homes, makes me feel like she is still spreading her culinary magic and love! And seeing my book in Barnes & Noble!

I feel the same way! It makes me feel like I'm sharing my kitchen with all the friends I don't get to see in person. What a beautiful way for your Mama's love to continue on! Congratulations on having your book in Barnes & Noble! What an accomplishment!


  • How does your faith play a role in how you run "Molé Mama"?  Tell about a time your faith has carried you in your venture.

My brand is all about uniting people from all cultures via food. We all have so much more in common then we know and sitting down together and sharing a home cooked meal is a magical experience. I’m trying to drive acceptance and love. My faith helped me care for my mother while she was dying. I live in faith everyday knowing that there is a plan, I will be taken care of and I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be :)

There is no greater comfort for me!

  • If you could provide every person who follows you with one thing you provide, what would it be and why?

My book. Unfortunately we will all lose people we love and I believe that my book can help with the dark days leading up to your final farewell and as you walk the path of grief. Plus its got some of our favorite recipes.

I absolutely love your book. It brought me so much comfort and healing, Diana! I was amazed by how many things you touched on that I found a sense of companionship in. So many things I thought I was alone in! It was so nice to know I wasn't.

  • What would you tell yourself if you could go back 5 years?

I was gravely ill 5 years ago. It’s a miracle that I survived my illness. I was so scared about my future. I would tell myself, this illness is finally going to teach you how to live! And you are going to take so many new and exciting risks and you won’t even recognize your life and all the fun and love your going to experience!

I am so sorry to hear of your illness, but so grateful for the motivation and drive that came from it. You are doing amazing things and I am grateful you were given the opportunity to chase them!

  • Diana, this has been such a wonderful conversation! Is there anything else you'd like to say to our readers?

#dreambig! We were meant to share our talents and gifts with the world and there has never been a better day than right now to follow your dreams!

Amen! We were created for the time we are in and it is up to us to honor that. Great advice friend!

I want to thank Diana for joining me, sharing her heart, advice & wisdom and for her contributions to the world!

If you'd like to connect with Diana, (trust me, you do), please check out her social media accounts, the Molé Mama Instagram, Facebook , Her Youtube Channel (With Recipes!) & her Website. You can listen to her Radio Show every Thursday night at 6pm HERE!

If you'd like a chance to win an autographed copy of her book, "Molé Mama, A Memoir of Love, Cooking, and Loss", please head over to the Our Supper Stories Instagram account to enter!

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