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Kate Myer, "Chef Lemon"

Personal Chef & Renaissance Woman

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"We are all capable of leaving this world better than we found it. We all have a unique purpose and gifts to share in this lifetime. I love you, keep going !"

Chef Kate Myer is more than a Chef to me.

She is family.

Kate is my cousin, my friend and just a part of my soul.

She is one of those people you meet and don't forget. She is kind, sensitive, and makes you feel like you're the only person she needs to talk to. She makes you feel special, understood and heard. She cares - genuinely - and her hugs are medicinal.

She "speaks food" like I do. When we work in the kitchen together, we don't really have to communicate. We reach for the same things, anticipate the next flavor addition and even share similar kitchen mannerisms. We have an instinctive sense for what the other is about to do, and it becomes this amazing choreographed experience. It's magical.

You may think that being cousins, we would have this connection from years of spending time together, but the reality is that we didn't. It's what makes our connection so much more special to me; we didn't have each other most of our lives. We didn't grow up cooking together. We didn't develop the instinct after years of getting to know one another. We spent most of our lives apart due to one of those complicated family struggles that impacts the kids even if it doesn't involve them. We reconnected a few years back and quickly bonded over food talk. Our first experience in the kitchen together blew our minds. It was like we were kitchen soul mates and we both marveled at how that was possible.

It's because we're family. Division couldn't change that.

Our bond is something unique and unusual, one I pray for everyone to experience with someone in their lives. I can't wait for you to meet her. I call her "Cousin", as if it's her name, and I can't bear to call her Kate just for the sake of the interview. I hope you'll remember her name anyway. ;)

  • Ok Cousin, we've been around this table a million times together. We've eaten some pretty epic meals. Some we prepared, others we dined out for.  I gotta know what's on the table for this email version of Supper Stories?

For this meal, sharing spring rolls at Shine Cafe.

  • Oh my gosh. YUM. Any chance that has anything to do with my exceptionally over-enthusiastic response to them with you a few days ago? I swear I almost cried when there weren't any bites left.
  • It seems like a silly question coming from me, but for those joining us for these AMAZING Spring Rolls, how bout' you tell us a little about yourself?

Hey everyone! I am a Personal Chef, Event Planner, Caretaker, Renaissance Woman (among several other things) born and raised in the Central Valley of California. I moved to Southern California at the age of 19 and bounced all around SoCal, Big Sur, the Central Coast and Valley for the past 13 years. I am currently back in Fresno, California, still bouncing around for work.

  • There's a reason one of your sayings is "Have knife roll, will travel!" Tell me a little bit more about what you're offering people as you travel around.

I am a Personal Chef and I also offer menu planning, meal prep, event management, culinary instruction and food coaching.

  • How did you get started doing what you’re doing? What drew you to it? Is it something you always wanted to do or did it develop over time?

I started this business when several circumstances in my life (health, personal and career) resulted in branching off on my own as the only sensible option. I have always cooked, even before I could reach the stove. What started as taking care of my brothers while my dad was gravely ill, grew into cooking & baking for friends and then culinary school and then a full on career in food and beverage.

  • I love that both of our cooking experiences started out as helping to take care of our siblings. What motivates you to get up every day and pursue success with our business?

The love of food, this planet and the beings on it gets me up in the morning. I strongly believe that the choices we make in regards to what food we buy, from where and from whom can make a huge difference every day. I want to be a part of positive change in this industry no matter how small. I'm playing the long game here, I want every part of this business to be intentional, conscious & impactful. My hope is one day it grows to the extent that I can help hundreds of people help hundreds more people.

  • The best part about your answer to that question is that you mean every word. The level of intention you apply to everything you do is so inspiring. What is your biggest challenge in being a business woman?

Asking for help. I'm always thinking about what I can do for others and worrying I am not doing enough. I forget to ask for support. Balancing side hustles, keeping the bills paid, caring for family, building this business and caring for my body can be a big juggling act. I struggle with chronic pain from various injuries and often I push my body way past it's limit. I am learning every day how to better take care of myself and ask for help when I need it . . . I still have a long way to go.

  • You'd think we were related or something. What is your biggest victory so far?

Not giving up. Every day a little bit of fear and doubt creep in and I feel like this is a futile and silly endeavor. But here I am still slowly growing this business and there are so many milestones that remind me to keep going. I frequently write out my gratitude and victories to stay motivated.

  • I would say that one of our most powerful connections is the fact that we don't make a move without prayer and peace. How do you feel your faith plays a role in how you run your business/company/brand? Tell about a time your faith has carried you in your venture

I have felt guided in every step of this process. I consider myself a deeply spiritual person. I have had a lot of road blocks, struggles and tragedy and they have all brought me here to this point. Every door that has been shut, every rejection and hardship has contained blessings, wisdom and growth for me. I'm still learning how to trust fully and take bigger leaps with less fear and anxiety. I pray and mediate a lot and spend as much time as I can in nature, which helps keep me balanced and on track.


  • The big leaps can be oh-so scary! I've watched you grow so much though, and I cannot wait to see what God has in store. If you could provide every person who follows you with one thing you provide, what would it be and why?

One thing . . . I would say the empowerment to make healthy and conscious food choices that are right for your body and community.

  • What would you tell yourself if you could go back 5 years?

Oh man! Me 5 years ago ! I would say that all the experiences you have had and will have are all going to make sense. They are laying the foundation so that you can live your dream and purpose. Fill your own cup first, you cannot pour from an empty cup. It's ok to rest, recharge and set boundaries.

Also drink more water !

  • It has been amazing to see the journey the last few years have taken you on. And the water issue must be genetic too. Anything else you'd like to share?

We are all capable of leaving this world better than we found it. We all have a unique purpose and gifts to share in this lifetime.

I love you, keep going !

Cousin, I'm so grateful you took the time to share some more about yourself, your business and to share one of your amazing body scrubs with our community! "I love you, keep going" has kept me going more than once!

If you are located on the West Coast and would like more information on how to connect with Chef Kate Myer, check out her website !

To connect with her and find out more about how to get her monthly newsletter (hello recipes!) give her a follow over on Instagram!

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