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"There would be no business without the Lord. Honestly. I would never be able to do this if He hadn’t prompted me, provided financially, and loved me so crazy well."

I met Laura on Instagram. I love Instagram for that! There are so many awesome people that I may have never known existed if it wasn't for those little squares! When Laura said she'd like to participate in our February "Monthly Giveaway" which profiles female entrepreneurs in the Our Supper Stories Community, I was THRILLED. Not just because I adore her, but because she has a beautiful story of faith, endurance, perseverance and joy to share.

Also, as a relatively crunchy mama myself, I'm always excited to here someone share the message of natural wellness using God-given "medicine" like essential oils.

Because Laura lives in Tennessee and I live in California, our Supper Story takes place around an imaginary table with an imaginary meal of her choosing. I'd like to think one day we can share a real one.

Every contributor for this week's female entrepreneur feature was given the same questions to answer. Here is Laura's inspiring, heartfelt and encouraging Supper Story!

  • Alright Laura, before we get started, what is your *favorite* meal? I love to do “Supper Stories” in person, but in this unique circumstance, that’s not possible. SO, let's sit around this imaginary table with a meal of your choosing. What are we eating and why?

Ok girl. I’m pregnant so this changes on the regular! But right now all I want is sushi. Fresh delicious sushi. Or an amazing Chile Relleno and enchilada plate with rice and beans. And a bowl of spicy carrots and an ice cold Pepsi...

Or in and out protein burger animal style! Ha! Take me back to Cali!!

  • Tell me a little bit about you for those not at the table with us.

Hi there!! I'm Laura, I’ve been married to my childhood sweetheart for 17 years. We got married really young!

We have 8 kiddos and are expecting our 9th this April. I’ve been a stay at home mama for all of my adult life. We are super passionate about Jesus and have chosen to homeschool our kids that’s pretty much my full time gig :) We are from SoCal originally, born and raised. But almost 2 years ago my husband felt the Lord nudging him towards TN. So we packed up our big ol' crew and headed across country, for the first time EVER! It has grown us in so many ways, this crazy adventure, and it’s been a spring board for our oil business as well!

We have used oils for well over 4 years and as much as I swore I would not do the business, because y’all- my plate was FULL! I couldn’t resist the Lords prompting and swinging open doors to this amazing opportunity for our family. I tried. HARD! Ha! But He has persisted and it has been an abundant blessing in so many ways!!

  • Tell me about your business! What product/service do you provide?

I’m the oil lady with all the kids!! Really though I’m a Young Living Independent Distributor. I teach classes about all things oils and Young Living products and share with Mamas and anyone who wants to learn how these amazing bottles have changed our lives and how much they can bless theirs!! Brandon and I lead a team of over 160 families and are a part of an amazing community of women entrepreneurs that do the same!

  • How did you get started doing what you’re doing? What drew you to it? Is it something you always wanted to do or did it develop over time?

I’ve always been pretty crunchy as they say. I have cloth diapered, home-birthed, raised chickens and goats, the whole nine y’all... so when we were pregnant with our seventh and my kids were bringing home and passing around all the colds and flu’s and every other germ you can think of, I was done. All my herbs and immune boosting teas and tinctures were AMAZING but I needed something more. I had read several mommy blogs raving about Thieves and I had to try it!! So we saved our pennies and Brandon bought my kit for me as a belated birthday gift.


Y’all my kids immune systems improved so much!! I can count on one hand the number of colds we have had in 3 years. And PRAISE JESUS we haven’t had the flu since we jumped on the oily train!

All that to say- I was not going to sell oils. I had way to much going on already!!

But I told my Mom, and my cousin, and my sisters, and so my team grew because the testimonies were to good not to share!! So this amazing little side hustle grew from a heart of sharing what genuinely works for our family. From that a community of true friendships and freedom has been the biggest surprise blessing of it all!

  • What motivates you to get up every day and pursue success with our business?

My family. Your families! We would oil up everyday regardless, but I share and teach because I 10000% believe every single family should have oils in their home! Every single family could be incredibly blessed and impacted in a huge way by essential oils and the business opportunity Young Living provides.

So I keep going. It’s brought our family freedom and hope that we never thought was a possibility growing up and even in the early stages of our marriage.

We are healthier and happier and more hopeful because of Young Living... I mean how can I not keep going?!?

  • What is your biggest challenge in being a business woman?

That Mom Life. Honestly I struggle with trying to balance all the things. School and meals and emotions of all the people. Everyday I have to lay that at the feet of Jesus and ask Him, “What do you want me to do today?”

I make a list of what is the most important to the least and check them off as we go. And then be super grateful for all that we get done at the end of the day!!

Count the fruit!

  • What is your biggest victory so far?

I would say the health of our family!! Oils (Thieves) were a gateway to eating better and learning more about how our bodies work and what they need.

A close second business victory would be reaching a rank in our company last month that has been a dream for me. It took so much team work and personal growth, and proved that with God all things are possible!

  • How does your faith play a role in how you run your business/company/brand? Tell about a time your faith has carried you in your venture.

There would be no business without the Lord. Honestly. I would never be able to do this if He hadn’t prompted me, provided financially, and loved me so crazy well. I have been through a couple of seasons where I clung so closely to Him and His word... and those seasons changed and grew me to believe I was worth it. This business was worth it and He is 100% at the center. And I mean Frankincense and Myrrh?!

Just kidding!


  •  If you could provide every person who follows you with one thing you offer, what would it be and why?

This is soooo hard! I want to cheat and say the Premium starter kit of 11 oils and a diffuser, but technically that’s like way more than 1 thing.

I think if I had to pick one oil it would be lavender. Because it is quite literally the Swiss Army knife of oils and is beneficial for every single human being!!

  • What would you tell yourself if you could go back 5 years?

I would say It’s going to be ok. It’s not going to be easy, this life. But He never said it was supposed to be. But it will definitely be ok. You will make it. There will be sad days, hard days and lots of tears. But the JOY will overshadow that immensely. Stop trying to plan every detail and surrender to the story He has already written for your life. Because it is sooo sooo good.

Laura, it has been a privilege to hear your story and an honor to share what God is doing (and continues to do!) in your life, family & business! I am going to be here cheering you on as you continue to run hard after this goal!

To become a part of the beautiful community Brandon & Laura are building, follow Laura @rootandbloomessentials on Instagram. To learn more about the life changing products they offer, head on over to their Young Living site, and to get to know their family a little better, check out their website, Redeeming the Roberts.

To have a chance to win these two awesome Young Living products provided by Laura and Brandon, (as well as a whole bunch of other products provided by other awesome folks in our community), come join our Instagram giveaway! (<---click there!)

Now, who's washing the dishes? Is there an oil for that?

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