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Your Stories: Maggie Iddings

Young Living Health and Wellness Advocate & Faith Warrior!

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"He has brought us through cancer, hardships that the military can cause in a marriage, infertility, miscarriages, and most recently another cancer scare, but through it all He has been our strength. He gives a peace that the world CAN NOT give."

Hey Everyone! Guess what? I have a new Supper Story for you! This one comes from Maggie, who has an amazing story of the faithfulness of Jesus to tell! The story of her business really highlights how God brings us to certain opportunities as a part of His plan! Maggie is a sweetheart with a great sense of humor and the most contagious smile! I hope you are as inspired by her story as I was!

  • Hey friend! You know I like to establish what we're eating before we get to chatting, right? Fill me in girl...what's on our Imaginary table for this Supper Story?

I basically had to teach myself how to cook after we got married and since my husband comes from an Italian family, I had high standards to meet. I am proud to say though that I've come far from where I started though, burning frozen pizzas and pre-cooking the hamburger before using it for meatloaf ;) I honestly don’t have a favorite recipe that comes to mind, but I will say that any meal that impresses the hubby is one that I call a favorite. Although for health reasons we have started keto so its become a bit more challenging.

  • Ok, tell you what. Let's make a carnitas hash, deal? Plenty of veggies, a little cilantro and avocado on top...sound good? Sounds good to me! I'm hungry now! Now that we've got that decided (lol), why don't you tell the rest of the community a little about yourself?

My name is Maggie and Im a wife of 10 years and a momma to 6 but only have 3 who I can hold in my arms. My husband and I met in high school and after he graduated (we were 4 years apart), he joined the Air Force. I later joined him in Montana where he was stationed after I graduated and we were married. Montana will always have a special spot in our hearts but we call Arizona home. We were both raised in Bible believing homes and met at a Christian school but our faith wasn’t tested and strengthened until after we were married and 8 months pregnant, when my husband was diagnosed with Leukemia. We both claimed to be Christians up until that point but neither one of us had a REAL relationship with Him, and THAT is what its all about! He has brought us through cancer, hardships that the military can cause in a marriage, infertility, miscarriages, and most recently another cancer scare but through it all He has been our strength. He gives a peace that the world CAN NOT give. Its about walking with and relying on Him and His ways daily, not just claiming to know Him and calling it good. I would love to carry on about what work He has done in our lives and marriage and how GOOD He is but that would make this a bit long ;) Id love to chat with you more about any of this if you're interested.

  • I am amazed by your testimony every time I hear it. Your strong faith in the midst of it all is so inspiring! I am certain you will serve as an inspiration to others reading this, Maggie. Keep telling your story...The world needs it! I'd also love to hear the story behind your business. Want to tell us more?

I am a PROUD health and wellness advocate for Young Living Essential Oils. I am so confident in knowing where these oils come from, “Seed To Seal”. Knowing exactly where the fields are, how true and all natural the oils are with no chemicals or fillers. But Young Living has much more than just oils. There is most any natural product that you could want! Deodorant, laundry soap, skin care, MAKE UP, and even animal products! I have replaced SO many chemical filled household products and no longer have to worry about the fumes and toxins my family is breathing in or putting on their skin.

  • Isn't that such a relief? I know the peace of mind I feel using toxin free products is invaluable to me! Was this something that was always important to you or was there someone who introduced you to this path?

I first found out about Young Living from a friend who was a pediatric nurse before becoming a mom and had just started her business with them. With her medical history I obviously trusted her but was really curious about why she made the drastic switch from being all about medicine and now purely natural. My youngest was having a hard time sleeping through the night and I needed sleep! She told me about lavender and gave me a sample bottle to try out. I put it on him the first night and he slept through the night for the first time! I thought it was maybe just a coincidence so I did it again the 2nd night and again, a full nights sleep, I was sold! I was also interested in cleaning up our home from chemicals and having a more natural method in treating different ailments. Methods that would help build my immune system while taking care of the sickness instead of completely wiping it out to kill everything like most medications do, naturally lowering a sick baby’s temperature in the middle of the night instead of covering it up and not letting the body fight it off. I also wanted products that would help cleanse my husbands body from the chemo that he had been through and also help balance my hormones. This became even more important to me after our first miscarriage. I needed all the help I could get in using natural items instead of products sold in stores that cause a disruption in hormones/fertility.

  • I love seeing the shift coming from those in the field of medicine from conventional to natural! I think their influence is so powerful. What a blessing to have access to something that helps your family in so many ways!! We will be continuing to pray for healing and wellness in your family, Maggie! I imagine this is what motivates you to tell others, yes?

Ive always said from the beginning that my main goal with my business is educating others in bettering their health. Yes it would be nice to help my husband with the income a bit and that would be awesome if the two went hand in hand with someone becoming a customer, but I've been apart of other marketing companies and I'm not going down that sales-y route. I'm not going to push certain products on them and spam them until they either give in or peace out. I want you and others to know that I'm in this with purely good intentions and am so excited to help others learn about Gods great medicine! It breaks my heart when I see so many of the same kids sick every month and are at the Dr.'s all the time. I just want to send their poor, tired mamas all my remedies and help build their tiny bodies back up to health instead of constantly being compromised with OTC stuff that is just lowering their immune systems more.

  • I understand this completely. I often wish I was independently wealthy so I could bless other families with natural wellness. I admire your intention and purpose. What is your biggest challenge in being a business woman?

I'm a mom and wife first and foremost so I don’t really consider myself a business woman. I do struggle with remembering to put myself out there though without again wanting to sound sales-y. I love talking more face to face about my passion than posting on social media for someone to just roll their eyes about and scroll past. Also getting people to open up to the thought of using essential oils and that it not just some new age, hippy thing. Many people, especially older, are stuck in their ways of getting the quick fix from pharmaceutical products which is fine, to each their own, but you do get the looks and jokes like your crazy and should be hugging a tree.

  • Girl, I relate! It's a tough balance between educating and empowering while still building a foundation for your family. Tough line to walk but your heart is surely in the right place! What is your biggest victory so far?

Getting my husband to believe! HAHA. It was very much a victorious moment when he came to me and said “they really work!”. He always joked and said they were my potions until one day he got one of those head problems that shun you to a dark room with no noise and feeling sick (see where I'm going here without saying the technical term for compliance reasons ;) ). I put a couple different oils on him and he came out 5 minutes later saying it was almost gone! And it happens every time now!

  • I wish I could count how many times we've had these "aha" moments as a couple. LOL!! He teases me relentlessly but is the first to ask for one of my "potions", whatever that may be. How does your faith play a role in how you run your business?

I'm going to treat you the same way I would want to be treated with anything I'm buying or learning anything about! I'm going to be honest and not just tell you what you want to hear to get a sale.

  • I love that philosophy! If you could provide every person who follows you with one thing you provide, what would it be and why?

The Premium Starter Kit! EVERYONE needs one! It comes with 11 different oils and a diffuser! It’s the perfect way to get your feet wet with the most common used oils and learn about how many different ways you can use them! Plus the diffuser is a must have to not only help your home smell good in so many different NATURAL ways but to help you breathe in the oils all day long.

  • It's an awesome kit, no doubt! What would you tell yourself if you could go back 5 years?

BUY THEM NOW! Your health is SO worth investing into! I had no idea about the ingredients in the products I was using before and how many chemicals I was putting into mine and my family's bodies DAILY! Its proven those chemicals lead to other health problems and its for sure I don’t want that!

Maggie, I couldn't agree more! I can see why your motivation and drive for health within your family (and others!) is so strong. I sincerely believe God will use you and your story for the health and well being of others!

If you'd like to connect with Maggie, and learn more about Young Living Oils, please find her on Instagram HERE!

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