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Shellie Anderson

Co-Founder, "The Original SmudgeAway Microfiber Cleaning Mitts."

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I believe deeply that we must live and live fully, consciously, gratefully, and happily. Dream, Imagine, and Fancy whatever you desire—then go live it!” - Shellie Anderson

Two days before our "Spotlight Giveaway" launched last week, I found myself praying for just "one more" contribution to the prize package. I really wanted the giveaway to go well for all of our contributors and was so concerned about them getting the excitement, support and promotion they deserved. I really felt like we just needed one more person to come along, contribute and be featured to round out the week of "Spotlight" features.

I found myself stressing out, fearful of disappointing our generous contributors and wondering what on earth I was trying to do in the first place. Self doubt moves swiftly. It is also a liar. A really loud, convincing liar. Not cool.
"God, I really want this to go well for all involved. You gave me the idea, and I know this will go just as You planned." I meant every word. I left it there with Him. I managed to sleep and find some excitement and anticipation for the project again.
The next day I had errands to run. My last stop was the pet supply store near us.

I went in, grabbed my cat food, and headed back out to the car. A friendly woman was walking out just behind me and called out to me just as we left the storefront.

"Ma'am? Ma'am? I have something I'd like to give you if you don't mind!"
I turned around to see a cheerful, vibrant and smiling woman. I smiled back, not sure what to say.
Before I could ponder a surely awkward response, she said, "Every time I see someone in glasses, I want to give them something I invented!"
It was then I realized God had sent her. I don't know if she knew it, but I did.
"Oh yeah?" I asked her, smiling wide now, because her joy was contagious. She just has this cool, confident way about her.
She went on to demonstrate her product, The SmudgeAway, which are mini microfiber cleaning mitts for glasses. She was inspired to create them when she discovered the need for a small cleaning product that would fit in her...SKYDIVING HELMET.
Yeah, it was official. She was cooler than me.
She then tells me that she is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the "Largest Wingsuit Formation" (which I googled and it looks terrifying) and says, "but that's a different story."
God provided the story too. Not just the item for the giveaway.
The Original SmudgeAway Microfiber Cleaning Mitts work. They work really well. They are small, conveniently wrapped in their own carrying pouch and machine washable. They don't require any sprays, cleansers or chemicals. Added bonus? Should you ever get up the nerve to skydive, it will keep your goggles clear!
She says she wants to give me one, and that Piper should have one for free too. I tell her we will gladly put one of them in our giveaway and will feature her on our blog and social media. I explain to her that this month's feature is all female entrepreneurs and she lights up! It was meant to be for both of us. She insists I take a third SmudgeAway for the giveaway.

Her full story is on her website and features her partnership with her sister. It's a pretty amazing thing they have accomplished together!

Take a peek at their site for ordering info or keep an eye out at your local Ace Hardware, where they are available nationwide.


A big "thank you" to Shellie for your excitement, generosity and contagious zest for life! Keep livin' the dream!

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