• Unanswered Questions Slow Progress.

    We believe that unanswered questions impede the process of building bridges.

    Our family strives to serve as a bridge between cultures, representing the beauty of two or more cultures working together. We desire to build those bridges and believe that the questions that go unanswered can be damaging.


    It can feel awkward to ask questions about someone's culture and we want to know you're safe to ask them here. Whether it be about Mexico, her culture, food, holidays & celebrations or customs, we're all ears! Maybe you've got a question about why our family does something specific or just an inquiry about food. Maybe you'll ask us something we haven't thought of! No matter the question, Please feel free to contact us at any time!


    We are living in incredibly divisive times, with Mexican culture at the epicenter of many stereotypes, false ideas or misunderstandings. We hope to be able to diminish some of those things, simply by making room around our table to chat with anyone interested. This is a judgement free zone, and we promise that we value every message. Please reach out to us using the form below.

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