• The Casseroles & Tacos Podcast!

    Casseroles and Tacos is a Podcast done by me (Andrea) and Katie from Heritageways.com. Our mutual mission is to build bridges from the table, and we marvel that God brought us together! Head over the C&T website for the latest episodes and updates!

    Our Friend, "Mole Mama"!

    Discover delicious Mexican recipes, a beautiful story and so much more with this Radio Host, Public Speaker, Home Chef and Author! We know you'll love her!

    Jess Steensland,

    Upper Room Ministries

    Jess is an amazing woman, doing an incredible work for the Lord. Jess serves as a house mother for Upper Room Ministries in Mansfield, OH. She was a recent guest on our podcast and I would encourage you to find her episode (published 9/4/18) to learn more. If you'd like to learn more about Jess and show her some support, you can click on the "About Our Guests" page at the site linked below!

    Heritage Ways

    Not only is Katie of heritageways.com my friend and podcast co-host, but they are our Tennessee family! God brought us together in such a unique way and we are so grateful for them. They are embarking on an amazing RV adventure and I'd love for you to hear all about it. Check them out below to walk life with them!

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