• Redeeming the Roberts

    Remember that one time we lived in an RV for 18 months? Well guess what? A new family has taken on a La Casita and their family is AMAZING.


    They are building a homestead in Southern California with their 9 children, all while living that tiny life and loving Jesus. They are SO inspiring and I'm sure you'll love them as much as we do. Check them out on Youtube HERE

    Heritage Ways

    Not only is Katie of heritageways.com my friend but they are our Tennessee family! God brought us together in such a unique way and we are so grateful for them. They are embarking on an amazing RV adventure and I'd love for you to hear all about it. Check them out below to walk life with them!

    Our Friend, "Mole Mama"!

    Discover delicious Mexican recipes, a beautiful story and so much more with this Radio Host, Public Speaker, Home Chef and Author! We know you'll love her!

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